About Chris Onalo, the GCEF Founder

Nigerian born Prof. Chris Onalo, a man of extreme integrity, is one of the most respected knowledge leaders and contributors in the development of credit management in this present world, a founder of House of God Fellowship known and identified as the Righteous Living Church, and founding CEO of many flourishing credit industry institutions, namely, the prestigious Nigerian Postgraduate School of Credit And Financial Management (PSCFM), The Institute of Credit Administration (ICA) which is Nigeria’s only national body for credit management and credit industry, Credit Business Services Global Ltd, Chris & Helen Ltd, and Credit Management Training Centre Ltd, Chris Onalo is also an international director of the UK’s premier London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC), a director of the highly regarded United Kingdom’s Nigerian London Business Forum (NILOBF), and CBS Credit UK Ltd. A holder of Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees and other professional qualifications in credit management, Prof. Chris Onalo has incredibly set himself apart from others through sheer hard and honest work; has undoubtedly contributed immensely and perhaps more than anyone else to the growth and development of credit management profession as well as credit industry globally. Chris Onalo has received professorial recognition for his relentless and sustained effort in the development of world class credit management curriculum, intellectualization of credit management as well as globalization of the growth of credit management profession from two foreign universities. He is indeed an indefatigable “PROFESSOR OF CREDIT MANAGEMENT”, a man of vision with strong creative enterprise who knows how to sport a vacuum and cause things to happen in the knowledge market. He is the founder of this GUILD OF CHRISTIAN ENTREPRENEURS FORUM (GCEF), and a shining example of a bible practicing Christian who follows God’s word for change of lifestyle and character, attainment of eternal life and God-given good success.